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Good day, all you fine looking peoples! You remember me? I'm Candice! Hey! You knew my name? I'm so impressed. Or am I impressionable? Umm, one of them. I think. Anyway! Guess what? Oh posh, you do know what. But you're right of course, it's another wonderful review by me! Your hostess with the most on top. What? I do!

Today screams to me The Other Realm. A site that cherishes the fantastical and the eye popping candy of coloration and sensual babes. Fantasy my friends! Lusty and yummy fantasy for the mind to gear into and for your lips to purse around the name. Wait, I said around the name not my HEY! Excuse me please, but I don't think this is the right time. At least, not yet. Come further inside where you'll see the sumptuous artistry, the mix of lovelies and the many different categories that await you like a plethora of chocolates waiting to be plucked.

From sword wielding women of luscious curves to the witch atop her broomstick, or is it YOUR broomstick? Hmm, doesn't that just make your stomach drop? I know mine is, and I don't even own one. What? You'll loan me yours? Why how wonderful of you, let's use it now! Oh, wait, let me finish, then I promise I'll ride your broomstick, and you can come with too. I'm sure there will be enough room for the two of us. Right? Anyway, stay a while after our ride, slip into the darkened world of fantasy meeting desires and never forget we want you to enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to sign up and become a member of this site, I wouldn't steer you wrong! Whats that? Time to ride? Okay!

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